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Notre Monde

Notre Monde

Notre Monde inspires to bring personality into your interior by developing collections that add texture, and products that ask for an original styling in your home. 

As the designer and founder of Notre Monde, Dawn Sweitzer creates sophisticated, ethnic-inspired interior decoration such as trays, mirrors, side tables and wall art. She loves to wander around the world, but currently resides in North-Carolina, U.S. Dawn’s designs are inspired by her extensive travels, interaction with various cultures, her surroundings and desire to live ‘the good life’, a feeling she tries to pass on others. 

A real ‘home’ is a unique reflection of your life and personality, and the outcome of a deliberate choice for sophisticated and unique decoration. No Notre Monde product is the same; every piece is handmade and there’s a signature on every item as a clear symbol of its authenticity. And that’s how it should be, because if your interior should reflect who you are, you shouldn’t settle for products everyone already owns. 

Why we love them

Notre Monde adds the right amount of personality to your interior, and encourages you to style every corner of your home to reflect your personal stories and memories.

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