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The smallest things often have the biggest impact; and they’re most likely to turn a house into a real home. Nowadays, we just want to add as much warmth and coziness to our interior as possible, which is why Pomax’ interior decorations are a must when trying to achieve this sophisticated vibe.

Belgian company Pomax specializes in interior decoration of all sorts: textile, candles, tableware, candles, furniture, ceramics… You name it, they have it. Creating the ultimate feel good atmosphere is their main goal, and they’re often the missing link from turning a house into a home. Two decades after their launch, the company is internationally known for its leading role in interior decoration. With two collection launches per year, often completely different to one another, it’s no surprise they appeal to so many people.

But it’s not their extensive range of products which makes them so special. The products of Pomax might not be necessary in se, they’re essential to create that ‘hygge’ feeling. Hygge is is the Danish art of building a sanctuary of coziness, having a deeply satisfying feeling of well-being and enjoying life simplest pleasures, a lifestyle where Pomax’ products fit right in.

Why we love them

Pomax turns everyday life into a real pleasure.

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