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When moving into a new home or renovating one, most people consider lighting as a necessary ‘basic’. But honestly, it is a distinctive essential when you’re trying to create the perfect atmosphere. SLV inspires us to use lighting as the ultimate mood maker for a happy life at home.

For over 35 years, SLV has been creating more than 'just' lighting. The company is an innovative manufacturer of residential and commercial luminaires, for interior and exterior use. Competence and professionalism are part of the company’s philosophy, and they employ over 400 specialists who will truly help you with any lighting-related question or challenge. SLV stands for quality, and they act accordingly.  

SLV always strives for the perfect balance between design and functionality, and their extensive collection of over 3.500 products makes it possible to integrate them into every corner of your home. In need of task lighting because you started to work from home? Ask SLV. Looking for a mood light to create another cozy nook in your living area? Ask SLV. Still on the hunt for appropriate lighting for your walk-in-closet? We’re sure you already know where to go by now…

Why we love them

Any company that dedicates itself to bringing good vibes into your home, has earned a special place in our hearts.

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