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There’s only one feeling future moms would like their baby to have: the feeling of being welcome in their new home. Stokke inspires these mommies to turn the nursery into an inspiring haven of creativity and joy, and to integrate their products perfectly in every room of the house.  

Becoming a parent might be the most wonderful and at the same time scariest thing in the world. Balancing your own life with the needs of a baby or child is by no means an easy exercise, but it can be made easier by surrounding yourself with the right support system. Family and friends do their part, but the furniture and equipment you choose to integrate into your family life play an important role, too. 

For Stokke, there’s no doubt about it: both children and parents live happier, healthier lives if they spend enough time truly connecting and bonding on a daily basis. That is why the company, with Scandinavian roots and aesthetic, designs products that bring families together: from the high seating position of their Xplory stroller to the Newborn and Baby Sets that adapt the iconic Tripp Trapp chair to even the tiniest little ones. Stokke products are designed to keep babies and children safe and close to their family in every stage of their childhood, while caring for the planet they will one day inherit. 

Why we love them 

Stokke makes children feel welcome in their new family and home. It’s a long term feeling, as Stokke’s furniture is able to grow with your child. 

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