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Atelier Belge - Loopholes Steel Clip

Atelier Belge - Loopholes Steel Clip


It doesn’t matter if you’re still experimenting to find your own unique style: Atelier Belge makes it easy to play around with trends, styles and setups and their products are therefore perfect to personalize your home.

The modular unit ‘Loopholes’ is the quintessence of Atelier Belge’s three beliefs: sophisticated design, functionality and personalization. Its minimal design excels in simplicity; the different setups are unlimited and the constant stream of new applications encourage you to completely customize that grid! ‘Loopholes’ isn’t bound by trends, styles or functions, which makes it easy to integrate it into every corner of your home.

Every Loopholes unit is created by layering different items on one another, which are all multifunctional. The steel clips are great all-rounders, as you can use ‘em to hang your hat, bohemian wall hanging, air plants or scissors to the grid. The clips come in white, red and blue.