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Colora - Green Tambourine

Colora - Green Tambourine


Colora helps you conquering the quest to the right colour palette at home. With more than 400 different colours to choose from, the ‘We are colour’ collection has something for every personality, mood or lifestyle. Personalizing your home has never been easier.

Boss Paints’ We Are Colour collection holds an enchanting colour palette of 404 colours, 7 decorative techniques and various wallpapers. To keep an overview, the colours were categorized as ME, YOU or ZEN. Soft and dusty colours are part of ME, bold and bright colours were categorized under YOU, and ZEN is all about the perfect basics: blacks, whites and greys.

Colora exclusively works with products of Boss Paints, a company that always manages to translate the trends into reality. This WE M61 Green Tambourine is part of the ME collection.