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Ethnicraft - Oak Bok chair

Ethnicraft - Oak Bok chair


Ethnicraft is a big believer of the impact of beautiful design on people’s lives. With this in mind, they create timeless wooden furniture that reflects the stories of the people who live with it.

We don’t want to sound superficial, but there are several reasons why it’s important to surround ourselves with beauty. Sure, it’s nice to have something pretty to look at, but a beautiful design also enhances our quality of live: it encourages us to handle it with love and care, treat it like a future family heirloom and slowly turn it into an object our children and grandchildren have the fondest memories about. Ethnicraft’s oak Bok chair is made to become exactly like this – a piece of furniture that is sophisticated and timeless, so that it’ll easily stand the test of time.

Ethnicraft’s Bok chair in oak is 50 wide and 53 cm deep, and comes in two different colours: natural oak and black, which gives this design a more contemporary look. If you like your furniture to end up in your grandchildren’s interior, it’s important to take care of it. For daily care of the oak Bok chair, use a damp cloth with a mild solution of warm water and natural soap (but please, don’t use soap containing detergent!)