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Ethnicraft - Oak M Rack

Ethnicraft - Oak M Rack


There’s always a story attached to an Ethnicraft design; whether it’s the story of its owner, or the previous life of the wood that was used. But sometimes, there’s also a third story to be told, the one of the design itself…

By designing their Mondrian inspired M rack (notice the similarities with the Dutch painters’ famous grid of vertical and horizontal lines?) Ethnicraft made an excellent example of how to creatively use wood. But there’s more to it than being a great conversation starter at a home party; the rack provides an ideal place to style your favourite books, decorations or tableware in a creative way.

Ethnicraft’s M rack in oak is available in two different sizes: 104 cm wide, 30 cm deep and 219 cm high, or the smaller version is 90 cm wide, 30 cm deep and 139 cm high. Because of its open shelving, the M rack can also perfectly function as a room divider.