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Ethnicraft - Oak Mikado dining table

Ethnicraft - Oak Mikado dining table


There’s always a story attached to an Ethnicraft design; whether it’s the story of its owner, or the previous life of the wood that’s used. But sometimes, there’s also a third story to be told, the one of the design itself…

When you name a piece of furniture ‘Mikado’, it obviously refers to the pick-up sticks game everyone probably played as a child. The interlocking legs look just like the game, and it’s a wonderful example of Ethnicraft’s mad designing skills. As the name of this piece of furniture predicts, this dining table is a blank canvas to create memories playing board games with your kids or inviting a big bunch of friends over for a potluck dinner.

The Mikado dining table in oak comes in different sizes: 240 cm long and 110 wide, or 203 cm long and 106 cm wide. Both sizes are 76 cm high. A dining table is an intensively used piece of furniture, so it’s important to take good care of it. As time goes by, you might need to apply a new coat of hardwax. Ethnicraft recommends doing this once every year.