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Ethnicraft - Oak Naomi side table

Ethnicraft - Oak Naomi side table


There’s always a story attached to an Ethnicraft design; whether it’s the story of its owner or the previous life of the wood that’s used. But sometimes, there’s also a third story to be told, the one of the design itself…

Although we love the look of a selection of beautifully styled magazines on our coffee table; it can get a little messy when they pile up. Enter Ethnicraft’s Naomi side table, a beautiful, functional and show stopping piece of furniture! Its unique shape makes it easy to store magazines and newspapers while keeping the top clutter-free for other things like a cup of coffee, an exciting book or a tasty drink.

Ethnicraft’s Naomi side table is 58 long and 42 cm wide and high. Don’t panic when you spill your drinks; just make sure to remove it immediately. Most of the Ethnicraft furniture in oak is finished with a pigmented hardwax oil, which forms a natural protective coating that acts as a repellent against common substances and liquids, but is no guarantee against stains.