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Ethnicraft - Oak Twist side table

Ethnicraft - Oak Twist side table


Ethnicraft is a big believer of the impact of beautiful design on people’s lives. With this in mind, they create timeless wooden furniture that reflects the stories of the people who live with it.

The Twist side table in oak is a sight for sore eyes; its defining characteristics are a triangular base and dynamically curved legs, inspired by the graceful arcs of a tree branch. It’s a multi-usable object; you can use it as a stool in your hallway, where it supports your kids when they learn to tie their own shoelaces, or it can hold your cup of mint tea while you’re watching your favourite show on Netflix. Whatever you have in mind; the Twist side table will always be there for you.

The Twist side table in oak comes in three different sizes: the smallest one is 41 cm high, wide and deep; the medium one is 46 cm high, wide and deep; and the large one is 51 cm high, wide and deep. Don’t panic when you spill your drinks; just make sure to remove it immediately – the oak is treated with pigmented hardwax oil, which acts as a natural repellent against several substances and liquids, so the oak doesn’t stain.