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Journuit - Cosy Island 'Dormeuse'

Journuit - Cosy Island 'Dormeuse'


Journuit is a company that continuously challenges the status quo. It cuts out designers, distributors and retailers to bring its products straight from the manufacturer to your home, and offers the highest possible quality for very affordable prices.

Furthermore, every Journuit sofa is a status quo challenger in and of itself. The Cosy Island for example, is a model in the family of those big, easy and supremely easygoing lounge chairs, but it delivers all those features in a design that has the ideal seating height, which makes it that much more comfortable. 

The dormeuse version of the Cosy Island features an extension of the sofa with seats that are as deep as the rest of the couch. The difference with a regular corner configuration, is that the back of a dormeuse doesn't run to the end, so the dormeuse is not 'closed off' by an armrest. It gives your sofa the right dose of airiness, while still offering just as many seats. Thanks to its modular design, the Cosy Island can furthermore be configured in thousands of different set-ups and in over 100 different fabrics and colours. Pictured here is the Cosy Island in blue.