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Journuit - Pillow Talk 'Love Seat'

Journuit - Pillow Talk 'Love Seat'


Journuit is a company that continuously challenges the status quo. It cuts out designers, distributors and retailers to bring its products straight from the manufacturer to your home, and offers the highest possible quality for very affordable prices.

‘Pillow Talk’ refers to the intimate conversation between two lovers, which mostly takes place in bed. It inspired Journuit to create a sofa that is the perfect setting for romantic moments, thanks to a very soft, feminine look and feel. To increase the level of romance even more, they’ve added a love seat to the collection. But you don’t necessarily need a lover to enjoy its design; this sofa is perfect to curl up, dive into a good book and only come out of it when the teapot is whistling.

Journuit’s Pillow Talk consists out of many different pillows that can be upholstered in different fabrics on both sides. All of them are reversible, so you can choose whether to go for a uniform sofa or one that has two different looks. The main colour is used to cover the outside of your sofa, as well as the visible side of all pillows; the accent colour is used to cover the partly hidden side of the pillows. Thanks to its modular design, the Pillow Talk can furthermore be configured in many different set-ups and in over 100 different fabrics and colours. Pictured here is the Pillow Talk in white.