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Lined curtains in Linate

Lined curtains in Linate


Inside Blinds inspires to use window coverings as a smart tool for a happier home life. Because you might not consciously think about it, but they’re an essential that decides the whole atmosphere at home.

Either you like ‘em long and nonchalant or elegantly floating just above the floor, fact is: curtains define the look of your interior. Most people underestimate its impact, but they’re often the intermediary between ‘unfinished’ and ‘done’. Besides adding the finishing touch to a home, lined curtains also keep your power-usage down because of its insulating effect.

Inside’s Linate fabric offers the soft, beautiful look of 100% linen, but without any of the disadvantages. Linate is much easier to maintain, as it can be washed at 30° and doesn’t shrink. Inside curtains are easy to recognize by their signature buttonhole system for lined curtains, thanks to which shrinkage doesn’t affect the look of the curtains.