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Niko - Dimmer

Niko - Dimmer


Belgian company Niko has made it their mission to create to create stylish, intuitive and energy efficient solutions to make your home almost as smart as you. Whether it’s winter or summer, night or day, a dimmer makes sure you’ll get the right amount of light at any time and in any place.

In Niko’s world, there are no problems – only solutions! And a dimmer is one very great solution to lots of light-related problems… When you’re nursing your baby back to sleep at night, you evidently don’t need too much light; but when you’re doing a major spring cleaning full-strength lighting helps you clear out the darkest corners of your home. A dimmer even helps you set the right mood for a cosy dinner with friends, and makes sure you can concentrate while you work.

It’s not easy to find out if your lights are dimmable or not, but leave it to Niko to devise a nifty little app for that: with the ‘online dimmer finder’ ( ), you can find out which dimmer suits which light, and vice-versa. A dimmer used to be a feature only installable in newly built homes, but there’s good news for those renovating: Niko designed a dimmer that’s also fit for refurbishments. Niko notes that the use of dimmers doesn’t result in a lower energy bill, so they advise to use a dimmer the way you’d use a normal light switch; use it whenever you need it, and switch it off when you don’t. Height, width and depth measure 83 mm, 83 mm and 8,8 mm.