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Niko - Original Surround plate for one light switch in White

Niko - Original Surround plate for one light switch in White


For something so small, light switches and sockets take up an important place in your life and home. When you use something every single day, you shouldn’t settle for just anything. Niko marries functionality with elegance and design; making your life easier and prettier at the same time.

Niko designs various surround plates for switches and sockets, all categorized by material, colour and weight. Simple shapes, natural interactions and refined details are a constant throughout all Niko’s designs, but when you’re renovating your home and facing all kinds of difficult choices, it’s a relief to find a product that just does what it promises. The Niko Original line of switches and sockets is sturdy, easy-to-install, made to last a lifetime and only comes in 4 finishes (goodbye, paradox of choice!) – nothing more, nothing less.

‘White’ is the finishing colour shown on this single flush surround plate for one light switch. The complete flush surround plate is self-extinguishing and halogen-free. Height, width and depth are 85 mm, 85 mm and 8,9 mm.