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Notre Monde - Bronze Copper Leaf Console

Notre Monde - Bronze Copper Leaf Console


Notre Monde understands how furniture should be distinctive enough to add style to your home, but it should also be the perfect canvas for your own creativity. That way, each Notre Monde object is an opportunity to create a reflection of your own personality.

There’s no denying this console is a thing of beauty, but do you know what could make it even more appealing? Your favorite selection of coffee table books, or your own creations with fresh flowers in small or eye-catching vases. Create a different display every week or month, to showcase what makes you feel happiest!

Not feeling very inspired to curate? The heavy aged mirror top of this console looks amazing by and of itself, and the metal frame gives a polished look to any nook or corner. The Bronze Copper Leaf Console is available in two sizes: 122 x 36cm and 160 x 36cm. The latter version is perfect to place behind a sofa.