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Notre Monde - M Mirror

Notre Monde - M Mirror


Finding the right balance between sleek design and objects that add a distinctive touch to your home – it’s Notre Monde’s specialty. Every one of Dawn Sweitzer’s designs encourages you to style your home into a reflection of your personality.

If you thought mirrors are boring and disappear into the interior, leave it to this Belgian company to surprise you with a different take. Notre Monde's M Mirror doesn’t only reflect your own style back at you – with its unique design, it expresses a lot in and of itself.

Thanks to the unique combination of bronze, grey and clear mirrored glass, this patchwork design offers an entirely different take on the concept of a functional mirror. The M Mirror is available as a square wall mirror (100 x 100cm), a round version (88cm diametre) or as a floor mirror (70 x 200cm).