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Notre Monde - Tribal Hex Tray

Notre Monde - Tribal Hex Tray


If you agree there’s nothing worse than a cookie-cutter interior that looks exactly like that of the neighbours, you’ll love Notre Monde. The company creates unique, handmade objects that add a lot of flavour and personality to any space.

Notre Monde’s tray isn’t just perfect to serve drinks – it’s a great object to style in different little corners of your home to reflect your unique style and tastes. Use it in your bathroom to display scented candles and your prettiest cosmetics; place it on your coffee table next to your coffee table books; or use it as a place to style fresh flowers along with other meaningful trinkets you brought along from trips around the world.

As every object is handmade, no two Notre Monde products are exactly the same. Choose your favourite styles from the collection of trays, and combine them as a Tray Table set to create your unique little corner.