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Orac Decor High Line SX180F 

Orac Decor High Line SX180F 


With its ‘Modern’ collection, Orac Decor interprets modernism in angular and sharp lines, breaks traditions and focuses on the symbiosis between architecture and decoration. The Belgian family-owned company found inspiration in the work of various modernists and used their motto 'less is more' to create a pure and simple collection of 16 high-quality 3D ornaments of cornices, wall paneling and plinths. 

If you live in a house without corners or sharp lines, you’ve probably made peace with the fact that the cornices, plinths and wall paneling of Orac Decor just aren’t fit for your home. Truth is, Orac Decor’s High Line – the SX180F plinth to be exact – also exists in a flexible version, so if even adepts of Hundertwasser can install plinths in their home! 

The pure design of this High Line plinth was developed by Pierre Daems, a Belgian product designer, and is bolstered by the sharp corners and perfect proportions. The SX180 is ideal to accentuate the transition from floor to wall. This plinth is 200 cm wide, 12 cm high and 1,6 cm deep. It’s made of Duropolymer and can be painted in different colours.