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Orac Decor Steps C391

Orac Decor Steps C391


The icing on the cake, the finishing touch, the jewel in the crown… There are many ways to describe the impact of Orac Decor’s decorative products to your home, but it all comes down to this: they turn your home into a unique work of art. For their ‘Modern’ collection, the company developed a pure and simple collection of 16 high-quality 3D ornaments, inspired by the work of various modernists. 

The ‘Steps’ concept, however, isn’t the artwork in se, but serves as the perfect frame for the rest of your interior. Because let’s face it: wouldn’t the work of Mondriaan, Picasso and Van Gogh be a tad less impressive without the frame around it? The C391 is a sleek profile withing the Steps range. It’s perfect as an original, modern cornice or as a practical solution for hiding a curtain rail or LED lighting. 

The Steps concept was developed by the Italian architect Orio Tonini, and exists of 4 modern profiles: C390, C391, C392 and C393, each with their own unique character and function. The chamfered corners at the top and bottom also create a subtle line of shadow that further accentuates the linear pattern. The C390 profile is 200 cm wide, 6 cm high and 16 cm deep. Every product of Orac Decor can be painted in different colours.