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Pomax - Andrée Photo Frame

Pomax - Andrée Photo Frame


The smallest things often have the biggest impact; and they’re most likely to turn a house into a real home. That’s where the interior decorations of Pomax come in, who turn everyday life into a real pleasure.

Although we live in a digital age, the impact of a printed photo can’t be underestimated. You might maintain an active Instagram account where you share every move of that little family of yours, but you never know if Instagram – or the internet, for that matter – will still exist in a few years or decades. Sure, the dusty photo frames at our grandparents’ don’t serve as the best example – but they do stand the test of time! Our advice? Give your most beautiful memories the attention they deserve in Pomax’ Andrée photo frame, for example.

This photo frame is made of rosin and painted by hand. It’s 10 cm wide, 15,25 cm high and 2 cm deep. Its black and white tribal print serves as the perfect frame for one of your favourite photos from last years’ tropical holiday.