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Pomax - Barcaggio placemat

Pomax - Barcaggio placemat


Belgian company Pomax creates the ultimate feel good atmosphere by specializing in interior decoration of all sorts: textile, candles, tableware, candles, furniture, ceramics… You name it, they have what it takes to turn your house into a home.

Setting a nice table is often overlooked, but its importance should not be minimized. Having a nice table setting affects your enjoyment of the meal, which can even affect how well you digest your food! After putting in the effort involved in thoughtful menu planning and healthy cooking, don’t tarnish the meal by having a disorganized presentation, or worse: eating in front of your computer or TV (although we do plead guilty on the latter when it’s Friday night #sorrynotsorry). The sophisticated look of Pomax’ Barcaggio placemat encourages us to spend more time and attention to our dining surroundings.

This Barcaggio placemat by Pomax is made of 100% cotton and is 33 cm wide and 48 cm long.