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Pomax - Blocky Cutting Board

Pomax - Blocky Cutting Board


The smallest things often have the biggest impact; and they’re most likely to turn a house into a real home. That’s where the interior decorations of Pomax come in, who turn everyday life into a real pleasure.

A cutting board is something you use daily, so you’ll like to keep it within reach. Pomax’ Blocky cutting board is the perfect accessory to your kitchen; not only because it’s an everyday object, but because of its timeless and natural look. Wooden kitchen appliances offer a sustainable alternative for the cheap plastic ones, and add the right amount of warmth to a sleek and all-white kitchen.

Pomax’ Blocky cutting board is made of mango wood. It’s 48 cm long, 24 cm wide and 2 cm deep. To remove stains, clean it with a soft damp cloth, drained in a mixture of hot water and liquid dishwashing detergent.