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Pomax - Brut Cup and Cup Holder

Pomax - Brut Cup and Cup Holder


The smallest things often have the biggest impact; and they’re most likely to turn a house into a real home. That’s where the interior decorations of Pomax come in, who turn everyday life into a real pleasure.

Offering someone a cup of coffee or tea is more than just meeting their basic needs; it’s a sign of welcoming someone into your home. Correct us if we’re wrong, but people always have the tendency to share their feelings over a cup of joe. A warm drink evokes many emotions, so why not spend a little attention to that cup of comfort with Pomax’ Brut cup and accompanying cup holder?

The Brut cup and cup holder by Pomax are categorized under fine pottery, although they’re sturdy enough to stand the heat of the dishwasher and microwave. Combine them with other pottery from the Brut collection.