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Pomax - Cinetic Pillow

Pomax - Cinetic Pillow


The products of Pomax are essential to create that ‘hygge’ feeling; the Danish art of building a sanctuary of coziness, having a deeply satisfying feeling of well-being and enjoying life simplest pleasures - a lifestyle where Pomax fits right in.

We spend a lot of time on finding the right mattress, the perfect sofa and the softest bedding, while pillows often get a Cinderella treatment. They’re in fact the perfect accessory to your home, able to change things up in a minute. Use their colours and fabrics to visually connect the rooms of your home, or choose a funky pattern to for a playful interior twist.

This Cinetic stone washed pillow by Pomax is made of 100% cotton and 45 cm by 45 cm. Pomax has an extensive collection of pillows in various sizes, styles and every budget.