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Pomax - Natural Candle Holder

Pomax - Natural Candle Holder


The products of Pomax are essential to create that ‘hygge’ feeling; the Danish art of building a sanctuary of coziness, having a deeply satisfying feeling of well-being and enjoying life simplest pleasures - a lifestyle where Pomax fits right in.  

Nowadays, interior trends change within a blink of an eye. Keeping up to date with everything is like having an extra job, and we didn’t even talk about all money going down the drain when you’d like to be ‘on point’. Do you want to be trendy, without losing too much time or spending a fortune? Pomax’ Natural candle holder looks beautiful on every table and appropriate styling; whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Easter or your thirtysomething birthday. 

This candle holder has a diameter of 8,5 cm and is 22 cm high. It’s dishwasher proof, so you don’t need to worry when you’re partying too hard.