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Pomax - Ria Baskets, Set of 2

Pomax - Ria Baskets, Set of 2


The smallest things often have the biggest impact; and they’re most likely to turn a house into a real home. That’s where the interior decorations of Pomax come in, who turn everyday life into a real pleasure.

Thank God for the comeback of baskets! We’re assuming here, but we think this thought has crossed many mothers’ mind already. Baskets offer a quick and easy way to tidy up the house in a few minutes. If you turn it into a game – “Whose baskets is filled first?” – your kids will be even happy to help. Pomax’ Ria baskets are extremely versatile; if you don’t have any kids and therefore no toys to store away, you can use ‘em as plant baskets, dirty laundry baskets or even paper waste baskets. As we said: extremely versatile, right?

The Ria baskets by Pomax are made of raffia and marine eelgrass. The medium one has a diameter of 41 cm and is 57 cm high, the big one has a diameter of 47 cm and is 60 cm high.