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SLV - Karpo

SLV - Karpo


It’s not just the hallway or the kitchen that need the perfect amount of welcoming or functional light: SLV knows every nook and corner of your house deserves the right lighting to create a happy home.

The Karpo luminaire series are modifiable, and therefore perfect to install in your hallway, dressing or living area. Gone are the days of searching for that favourite little black dress in the back of your unlit closet; Karpo makes it easy to lighten up any area in the room, while the dimmable lamp makes it possible to create any atmosphere you need.

Because of Karpo’s turning and swivel range, every space will always be optimally illuminated. Another option is to choose two instead of one spot in the cylindrical shape. Karpo comes in black or white, and is suited for energy saving lamps or traditional light bulbs. This ceiling light can hold energy saving lamps or traditional light bulbs. Every Karpo light can be directly connected to 230V AC.