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SLV - Lisenne

SLV - Lisenne


As an innovative manufacturer of residential and commercial lighting products, SLV dedicated itself to bringing good vibes into your home – whether that’s caused by the design, functionality or a combination of the two. (Usually the latter!)

The Lisenne table lamp is SLV’s innovative take on the immensely popular ‘concrete + light bulb combination’: a pure and no-nonsense design combining smoked glass and basalt. Because of the smoked glass, the Lisenne doesn’t give too much light, so it is perfect for wherever dimmed lighting creates a nice mood, like in the sitting room or bedroom.

This sophisticated design looks small, but actually measures 28,5 cm. Glass and basalt are both heavy-weight materials, which explains its weight: 3 kg to be exact. The Lisenne has a diameter of 12 cm, also comes in an outdoor version, and is fitted for LED- and energy saving lamps.