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SLV - Phelia

SLV - Phelia


It’s not just the hallway or the kitchen that need the perfect amount of welcoming or functional light: SLV knows every nook and corner of your house deserves the right lighting to create a happy home.

By all means, SLV wants you to follow your dreams. Whether it’s working from home to start your own business, or studying to get that degree you always wanted. Whatever drives you, we’re sure SLV’s Phelia lamp could become your very best friend in all of it. The minimalist lamp ‘follows’ you whenever and wherever you’d like to work (if you’re anything like us, we know you’ll want to work every minute and everywhere.) In the end, Phelia will be the smart tool that brightened up the early days of your successful business, or those endless nights before your final exam. Talk about impact!

The Phelia table lamp is made of steel and comes in black, white, light blue, burgundy and fern green. The design is 39,5 cm high and has a width of 12 cm. Phelia is suited for LED and halogen lamps.