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Inside Blinds inspires to use window coverings as a smart tool for a happier home life. Because you might not consciously think about it, but they’re an essential that decides the whole atmosphere at home.

In times of oversharing, privacy – or a lack of it – evokes many emotions. Although we want everyone to know about our beautiful kids, amazing wedding and nutritious meals; most parts remain private. After all, doing laundry or changing a diaper isn’t newsworthy or photogenic. For those who want to keep potential voyeurs out, but still enjoy a view on the outside world, Inside Blinds’ adhesive fabric Squid is a lifesaver. Perfect for people who live on the ground floor in a big city and only have one window overlooking the street.

Squid is super easy to install a transparent adhesive material that is super easy to install on any window, regardless of its shape and size. It keeps out about 39% of the heat produced by sun rays, and allows you to look outside, but prevents anyone from peeping in. It replaces the function of frosted glass or see-trough curtains, but better. The look of the material is elegant and minimal, and it adapts perfectly to any style of interior thanks to its five colour options. Squid is available at 1,3 meters wide and up to 10 meters long.