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Universo Positivo - Clip Wall Shelf

Universo Positivo - Clip Wall Shelf


As Ethnnicraft’s ‘younger sister’, Universo Positivo acts accordingly: while she learned the basics of big sis’ – which are unique design, durable materials and functional purpose – she also likes to give her own twist to things …

It can be hard to find everyday objects that are functional, sophisticated and multifunctional at the same time, but Universo Positivo’s Clip Wall Shelf combines all these characteristics effortlessly. Whatever you store on it – souvenirs, books, tableware, vases, toys… – it’ll always serve as the most sophisticated display for the things you like surround yourself with.

The Ribbon shelf is made of oak and metal, and is 110 cm wide, 27 cm deep and 25 cm high. It's available in different sizes and comes in three different colours: dark grey, light grey and white. Bear in mind that wooden furniture needs a little love to last long, so take care of it daily by using a damp cloth with a mild solution of warm water and natural soap. Universe Positivo acts as a platform for different designers; Jan, Lara and Alain designed this interior accessory.