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USB charger Pure stainless steel on anthracite

USB charger Pure stainless steel on anthracite


There’s no way around it; we’re slowly turning into cyborgs, one smartphone and tablet at a time. Although we can’t live without these smart devices anymore, we’re still not capable of charging them with our own energy, so a charger is as essential as the device itself. Niko’s USB charger offers a fast and efficient solution for anyone who spends a lot of time looking at tiny screens.

While mom likes to post pictures of her happy family bunch on Instagram, dad is busy practicing some chords with Pocket Guitar, teenage daughter binges on Netflix and little brother is totally into a car game on their respective tablets. Until the batteries run low and they fight for a spot to charge their favourite device. Sounds familiar? Niko anticipated this frustrating moment, and designed a built-in USB charger. Perfect to install in areas with a lot of ‘family traffic’ – like the kitchen – but also useful in bedrooms, hallways and home offices.

Niko wouldn’t be Niko without adding an extra convenient feature to this product; because of its electrically payload of 3,5 amperes, it’s possible to charge two devices at the same time in full force (unlike a normal socket, which charges only one device at a time). Pictured here is the USB charger with a surround plate of the Niko Pure line in ‘Stainless Steel on Anthracite’. Height, width and depth measure 83 mm, 83 mm and 8,8 mm.