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For you – the industry professional – Roomin is much more than just a place to get inspired. Roomin is a full-grown marketing platform that offers the perfect mix of branding and communication specific to the interior industry. Our unique business model makes it possible for you to hire a multi-talented team of professionals. Thanks to our eagle eye for win-win situations, our extended network of ambassadors and a solid technical background we can support every partner to bring their brand under the attention of the right target audience.


Storytelling is not new, nor a trend. It is the most natural way to pass along a message and make sure it is remembered by your audience. Via our online and offline channels, Roomin can create a beautiful story for your brand: one that will touch and inspire your audience and travel on through their networks.


Retail has changed because the way people shop has changed. Consumers need more than just the correct product information; they want to experience the added value a product can bring to their lives. We create those experiences for our partner brands, in a way that generates the right emotional connection between a consumer and the brand.


Although social media has brought the topic under the attention, the concept is not new. As a brand it has always been important to have ambassadors spread your story, whether it is online or offline. With Roomin we will facilitate this ambassadorship, thanks to our extensive network of influencers and our knack for connecting them to the stories they are passionate about.


Never before has it been this important to know your audience in order to communicate with them in the right way. We continuously go the extra mile to know who your audience is and what makes them tick, by connecting with them and observing them via a variety of channels.


In today's world it has become impossible to hide or work behind the scenes, so it's extremely important to make sure your company's branding communicates the right message. We have all the tools and talent to make a brand come to life, and the background to strategically support it.