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A multifunctional rack

If you’re a regular here, you probably saw the tour of my home already, and so you’ll probably already know I have a lot of built-in closet space to store away all my stuff. Yes, I’m someone who loves clean and organized spaces as much as buying pretty products I don’t necessarily need. It’s a vicious circle, but I’m working on it! But even though I prefer to put most of my stuff away behind closed doors, I also like to admire the beautiful designs of my favourite goods. Luckily, that’s what open shelving is for: offering a place to store and display all everything I currently like or often use!

I wasn’t exactly in need of extra storage space, but this M rack by Ethnicraft proved to be the ultimate multifunctional piece. Not only did it provide me with an excuse to show off all my current favourite products, it also serves as a room divider between the kitchen and the home office! As we don’t get a lot of sunlight in our living room, our ground floor has an open floor plan. Light is therefore sacred to me, which is why the M rack comes in very handy: it divides the kitchen and dining area from our home office and living room, and brings a little more intimacy in both spaces, without making it smaller or darker.

Because as I love all things geometric it probably doesn’t come as a surprise I immediately fell for this Mondrian- inspired grid of vertical and horizontal lines. The oak matches our herringbone parquet perfectly, which is another plus in my book! Also, because it’s made of massive oak (which weighs a lot), it’s less likely my daughter will once push it over or worse; pull it onto herself. I will, however, have to keep an eye on her so she won’t run away with my favourite glasses or plates…

For that reason, I experimented with another interpretation which I’ll be happy to share with you next week! But for now; any thought on this particular styling? I’d love to hear what you think, so don’t hesitate to contact me through Instagram or Facebook!

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Photography by Laura Willems.