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A tray for every personality: Stephanie Duval

Only two more weeks until Christmas! Stephanie has been counting the days to the holiday season ever since the beginning of fall, and used her Notre Monde Heavy Aged Mirror tray to get her in the festive spirit. Here’s why she swears by adding warm interior decorations to her rather monochromatic and minimalistic home, and how a simple tray adds so much to the overall vibes inside.

"I picked this tray because its colour and style are so versatile. My interior is rather monochromatic, so I try to add some warmth and colour here and there. The tray’s bronze finish looks a bit vintage, and in our interior that adds a bit of texture and depth."

"We live in an apartment so I don’t have a lot of space to put a bigger item like this, so it usually ends up on our dining room table as a kind of center piece. It offers me a canvas to style in different ways time and again, as I follow the seasons and style it with whatever I have lying around that I think is pretty. An interior should reflect your personality, and as humour is really important to my family, I always like to try and find that very fine line between kitsch and cozy. But at the same time I always try to keep it elegant – and this tray certainly makes that easier for me!"

In summer, I used it to gather my favourite plants together, but when it gets darker out I like to use it to display a collection of candles and tea light holders: the light is reflected beautifully by the mirrored surface of the tray. I used a bunch of stuff that we found on walks in the forest to decorate it for fall, and I already came up with some ideas on how to decorate it for the holiday season. I’m going for a winter woodlands theme this year, as the bronze and brown hues satisfy my aesthetic needs, but it’s playful enough to involve my two-year-old daughter and get her interested in decorating, too.”