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An outdoor dinner styling

School is officially over, and summer holidays have started. This time of year always makes me nostalgic for those endless dinner and BBQ parties my parents used to throw in their backyard when I was a kid. If there's one thing I took with me when I moved out to start a life of my own, it's my fondness of spending hours at the table as the candles slowly turn into liquid pools of wax, and as the sun sets and the stars come out. So when Roomin asked me to create a table styling with Ethnicraft and Pomax, that exact feeling was my source of inspiration!

I started off with a blank slate - that gorgeous Ethnicraft table didn't need much in terms of decoration, and I mixed and matched different chairs around it to create a casual setting. With such gorgeous table tops, table cloths are out of the question in my book, but I do love to add some textile touches for a warm and cosy feeling. I picked these blue ombré place mats, and they were the starting point of my styling.

Denim has always had an important place in my heart, and I love the effect of fresh greens on a table (or anywhere, really) so I went with an indigo-green colour palette for everything else. Pomax has some great tableware collections, but I immediately fell for this Klein blue series. It definitely makes colourful and fresh salads pop even more!

The black cutlery has been on my wishlist since forever. Somehow I never really could pull the trigger on those bronze, brass or gold sets that have been taking over Instagram and Pinterest, but these matte black knives, forks and spoons are JUST the perfect match for my style. They're different, so they add an interesting touch, but they're not whimsical in a sense that every table setting starts looking like a wedding dinner - if you know what I mean.

I also like to mix and match different kinds of ton-sur-ton wood, so I went with wooden salad servers and a wood tray to group some decoration together. Expensive or complicated flower arrangements are just not for me, so instead I put different sizes of small vases together and threw some inexpensive tulips and greens together with some beautiful thistles. Not gonna lie - I think every dinner party I'll throw this season will include these gorgeous blue weeds!

In terms of food I knew better than to try act like a proper food stylist, so I simply brought some of my favourite essentials. To make up for my lack of cooking skills, I always try to make these simple additions look as beautiful as possible. That's why I put sparkling water in a jug with some slices of lime: so simple but it looks so festive! And as for bread, I either go the restaurant-route by putting a small plate with a small bun next to everyone's dinner plate, or I go farmtable and have everyone cut off their own slice of bread from a majestic loaf of wholegrain bread. Either way adds a little bit of flavour to an otherwise simple meal and table styling.

For a finishing touch that everyone and their mother appreciates: get some indoor elements to make your outdoor area feel as cosy as your living room. I added some pillows and put a normal rug underneath the table (which in real life I would take inside with me again after the dinner party, of course). You could also add some throws and put them on your guests' chairs, with the added bonus that they have something to keep them warm if the night turns chilly!

Well guys, I don't know about you but I'm taking my calendar and am going to ring up all of my friends to start planning those summer get-togethers. Have a wonderful season!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Interior inspiration by Ethnicraft and Pomax.
Photography by Laura Willems.