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Black and white, not boring

Although the Scandinavian all-white trend influenced our homes for good the past several years, we’re noticing that darker colours are slowly sliding into interiors once again… As black is such a timeless colour, it's obvious we're encouraging that shift in the interior industry. But how do you use darker colours in your interior without turning it into a place that looks too minimalistic and clean? Some insider’s tips on this topic could be useful, and that's why we've turned to our freelance contributor Laurence Vander Elstraeten - a longtime lover of all things black - to show us the way...

Black + white + wood

"People use black in interior very rarely, despite it's the colour associated with luxury, refinement and elegance. For those who still find somewhat scary; combining black, white and wood is the most attainable way to start off. As wood is always able to soften up a space while adding a warm touch to any interior; black, white and wood is the incentive of your turn to the dark side!"

As seen in the photo:
Desk and shelf by Universo Positivo
Chair by Ethnicraft

Think small

"Adding small decoration in black and white is another subtle way to ‘darkify’ your home. They’re also great for experimenting, so why don’t you give busy patterns a go while you’re at it? Grab the opportunity to try out different textures and materials, and go loco with terrazzo, chessboard and checkered patterns. Another cool idea is to put the busy pattern as a print in a frame. A little arty with the same subtle impact!"

As seen in the photo:
Frame and plate by Pomax
Artwork by Notre Monde

All the way

"Done with the subtle approach and feeling ready to go all the way? It’s simple: choose a colour, pick a brush and do your thing! Painting a wall in black is one thing, decorating it something else… The trick is to add lighter coloured furniture and decoration in front of it for a contrasting result. The dark wall will appear more intense, while the light-coloured objects will stand out more. Ceramics, table lamps, flowers and fabrics are perfect to display in front of it. But please, use it in moderation! An all-white interior might look superb, an all-black interior is rather creepy…"

As seen in the photo:
Pendant light by SLV
Artwork by Universo Positivo
Candleholder and teapot by Pomax

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Photography by Laura Willems, Seraina Silja and Hannelore Veelaert.