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Context is key: Gubi > Eames?

In the previous two articles, when I wrote about design, I always looked for their roots in the past. This time, I want to talk more about the challenges and perspectives regarding interior design in the future, so let me guide you through the latest trends!  

The newest hype of 2017 is the velvet trend, and this luxurious fabric is slowly but surely making its appearance in our living room and beyond. Velvet seats, velvet cushions, even velvet clothing: the material is here to stay. Is this the beginning of a new era regarding interior design? It might be!

With the popularity of modernism and pioneers like Charles and Ray Eames, functional and minimalistic furniture gained much credit in the interior world. The Eames plastic chairs, designed in the 1950s, are an example of this modernist approach: minimal and affordable for many families, and still very popular until this day. The traditional family division has changed since the ‘50s, but the way people choose their furniture didn’t. Scandinavian interiors are still the most popular style to begin with when decorating – just look around on – but there’s a new kid in town, and it’s the new breeze of luxury that’s lurking just around the corner.

Warm floral designs, strong earthy colors and luxury materials, like velvet and golden details, make their appearance and reach to be bigger and bolder. We already know that the Danish have a strong nose for design (remember Arne Jacobsen?) and I want to introduce you to a contemporary brand that’s slowly rising to the top. Gubi is the name! Founded in 1967 by Gubi and Lisbeth Olsen, Danish by heart, the brand tries to focus on icons of the past and icons of the future. They tend to be the perfect blend between classic design and newer ways of living, so if you’re looking for an up to date brand that combines the past and the future, Gubi might be it.

Luxury is a key word that matches smoothly with the way Gubi sees the modern interior: the Scandinavian sparkle is never far away, but minimalism has left the building! Micro-living is on the rise, since overpopulation is threatening our world, and housing prices are rising, so we need to be creative with the space we get. Gubi meets these new demands by designing furniture that’s decorative, cozy and suitable for smaller living spaces.

An example of this renewing style is the Beetle Dining Chair. The link with the Eames plastic chair is not far away, but the difference with the Beetle Chair and its more popular nephew, is the matte finish, the thinner black legs and the sleek look. Gubi’s inspiration came from a real life beetle, so the organic form is a logic choice.

The combination of different materials is very typical for a brand like Gubi – the mixture of marble, gold, steel and wood makes their interior pieces true eye catchers. When you love the Scandinavian base minimal and sleek, the Gubi pieces can make it look extravagant and chic, one piece at a time.