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Creative ways with colour, pt. 2

I promised you guys another take on how to implement colour in your home a long time ago. But you know how it goes: life gets in the way and suddenly it’s almost August! Am I the only one who thinks time flies by so quickly? Or does this only happen to first-time and fulltime working moms? Thank God I have such a supporting husband who always manages to surprise me with delicious meals when I come home from work. I might not be the best cook in our household, the kitchen is undoubtedly my favourite room in the house. As I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this, I’d like to give you some advice on how to creatively implement colour into the heart of your home.

Paint it black

Some of you might disagree, but you know how I feel about black, right? As opposed to people who don’t even consider it a colour, I’d paint my whole house in black if it weren’t so dark already (#citylife equals lots of shadows, unfortunately). My husband and I agreed that if I’d opt for a white kitchen, I could paint the backsplash in black. And that’s what happened, of course! I didn’t choose for a normal black paint, but with the growing up of my daughter in mind, I opted for chalkboard paint instead. I don’t think it’ll prevent her from decorating our plain white walls with her crayons, but at least I can try (and show her an alternative instead of prohibiting it entirely). So, if you consider black a colour (join the club!), a backsplash in chalckboard paint might be the perfect way to spice up your kitchen area! But if you're really not into black; chalkboard paint exists in other colours, too!

Keep it interesting

If you’d think painting an entire wall in your kitchen will look too drastic or bold, try painting several sections into different colours. This example shows how every sliding door is painted in a different colour, which makes this kitchen super playful and versatile (as the colours can change place!) The key to this kind of paint job is to choose contrasting colours of the same family; with the same undertone, that is. These colours are all part of Boss’ YOU collection, which features bright but greyish colours that complement each other perfectly. And when you’re done cooking in a pink and cyan environment (don’t say I didn’t warn you: this might happen after 5 years or so), you just pick another colour palette, right?

Coloured cabinets

When painting sections of your kitchen in bright colours is still a bit too much (hey, whatever floats your boat!) you might want to give colourful cabinets or shelves a try. Whether you paint them completely, just the shelves or only the back – it will oomph up your kitchen with the slightest amount of effort. Another great thing about it? You can go wild in the colour department! Custard yellow, rust orange, deep blue… When it considers such a small area of your home, it’s easier to do something crazy. If you’re too busy to paint the shelves yourself, the Loopholes shelving unit by Atelier Belge consists in other colours than black and white, too, FYI.

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Photography by Ineke Tack, Laura Willems and Laurence Vander Elstraeten.