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Creative ways with colour, pt. 3

Still looking for creative ways to add colour to your home? Go a little off the wall by using innovative ideas to revive your home decor and splash some paint on other regions of your rooms to make your life a little more playful (bright colours can be a real pick-me-up during the darkest times of the year!)

Paint a headboard

Headboards aren’t really necessary in a bedroom, but they sure look good. If you want to visually finish your bed and do something fun, try painting a headboard on the wall in a colour that goes well with your bed and contrasts with the wall. It’s an easy trick to add a dash of colour in your bedroom, as colourful bedding can quickly look a little ‘too much’. Our current favourite bedroom colours are blush pink, dark blue and light grey. 

Tell a story

Nurseries and kid rooms are the perfect spot to do some paint-experimenting. Apparently, you can stimulate the baby’s vision by using black and white stripes or light and dark contrasting colours. Black and white stripes seem a little extreme, but what about a 2D house or a painted mountain range?

Do things halfway

We wouldn’t necessarily advise you to do things halfway, but we’ve got to admit a half-painted wall does look gorgeous! Please bear in mind that only painting half of a wall isn't putting in half the design effort; it's creating bold style with well-placed colour (and it’s a hell of a lot of more work!)

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Photography by Karlijne Geudens, Ineke Tack and Laura Willems.