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Daily rituals of Eline Reynders

We already shared Eline Reynders’ night time rituals a couple of months ago, but couldn’t help but ask our favourite blogger about her daily rituals, too! For those who need a little reminder: Eline Reynders is a Content & Conversation Manager at EDF Luminus during the week, and a passionate blogger at in her spare time. As a fullblown content creative from dusk ‘till dawn, we’re wondering how she combines a limited amount of spare time with the expectations that bloggers always need to look picture-perfect? Time to let Eline do the talking!

On the importance of beauty

"Beauty plays an important role in my life. Both in the morning and evening I have a beauty routine I really nééd to do. If I’m late and I don’t manage to do the full routine, I will get very confused and a little frustrated. On the blog, you will discover a ‘beauty’ section. Because of that, I often change my morning routine… to keep up with new products and brands. I really feel the need to change from time to time, although I will stick to a few products forever. Most of the time these products are lipsticks, blushes or moisturizers."

Morning rituals

 "The very first thing I do in the morning is push the ‘stop’ button of my alarm clock. Although my iPhone is always with me from am to pm, before leaving for work, I won’t be checking it. First of all, the blue light annoys me. Secondly, the need to immediately check my mailbox and social media just isn’t there. That’s quite a positive thing, I guess? Another important aspect of my morning routine, is that I’ll never skip breakfast! A decent breakfast is key to kick off the day in a right way. Besides, cleansing my face and doing a natural make-up look is always part of my morning routine. One of the first things I do to feel ‘awake’ is washing my face with lukewarm water and then I start cleansing it. There’s truly no better way to wake up for me… On weekdays I already take quite some time to take care of my skin and try to eat properly, because my body does need a good breakfast in the morning. My perfect morning routine would definitely include a relaxing yoga session… I had the chance to do it once, thanks to Aveda, and I felt so good afterwards! Since my boyfriend and I don’t wake-up at the same time, we’re only able to have breakfast together during the weekend. If that aspect could change, I would certainly love my mornings a little more…"

During the day

"No matter what, you will find the following products in my purse: a lip gloss by Jane Iredale, an Estée Lauder lipstick, a concealer by Clarins and hand cream by Environ. I find neat appearance important, whatever you do in life. I always make sure to look ‘fresh and fruity’ without overdoing it. I have to feel like myself at work. My make-up look totally depends on what I will be doing that day. During the week I always choose a very natural look. When going out for a dinner or a shopping trip with a friend, I will definitely wear a striking lipstick and eyeshadow colors I usually don’t experiment with on weekdays. When attending a festival, I love to add a little glitter. When blogging, I jump into my jog pants, I take off all of my make-up and wear my hair in a bun because it feels oh so comfortable!"

Evening rituals

"After dinner, I immediately cleanse my skin. Why? The last couple of years I had the chance to follow quite some workshops and inspirational talks by beauty experts… I’ve learned that a daily facial washing (morning ánd evening) is necessary. It removes impurities to give the skin a fresh look. Besides, it helps remain a proper pore size and it encourages hydration. If you do not cleanse properly, your revolutionary anti-ageing creams or beauty masks won’t even work. Hallelujah! Being a very energetic person, I find it super hard to relax or to keep my mouth shut for more than 30 seconds. (Ask the boyfriend!) Blogging, for me, is one way to get at ease. But if I really want to tackle the stress, I take a long bath, put on a beauty mask and enjoy my favorite Netflix series. I don’t know if it’s theoretically best for my skin, but I like to change my routines from week to week because I don’t stick to one brand. I have a strong preference for mineral make-up and plantbased skincare products. The products I really can’t live without is the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask by Clinique and the oil capsules by Environ. I recently discovered some amazing skincare products of Clarins and the overnight mask of Origin. After a good bath or a quick douche, I also cover myself from neck to toe in a body butter from The Body Shop. A hydrated skin is a happy skin, right?!"

On special occasions

"On special occasions I will always stay close to my truest self. I opt for a natural make-up look and a striking lipstick. On holidays I like to keep it as basic as possible since the most important of my beauty routine is wearing sunscreen. I will never wear more than a mascara, some eyeliner and lip gloss. When I go out or have to attend an event, I will always wear an Estée Lauder lipstick. I have the full Pure Color Love collection and I really enjoy choosing a color that matches my mood."

On the perfect bathroom

"Since we’re currently renting an apartment in Hasselt, I don’t yet have a dream bathroom, but I’d love to have a bathroom that fits my own aesthetic: this no nonsense and natural Duravit bathroom with products from their LUV collection comes close to what I have in mind!"

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Photography by Eline Reynders, founder of Eline Rey.

Daily rituals of Eline Reynders