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Daily Rituals of Kim Wuyckens

As the omnipresence of burnouts remains a headline in the news, it has never been so important to schedule some of that all-too-evasive me-time. Sure, glossy women’s magazines can make it seem like a rather superficial topic, but when you dive a little deeper, there are many reasons why a moment of blissful and undisturbed time for yourself benefits your life. We’re not talking about expensive spa-sessions or extensive sauna visits – although they also have their benefits – but about the daily rituals that help you ace your day.

We asked Belgian blogger Kim Wuyckens to share some of her daily rituals with us. Originally a beauty blogger, she has a lot of expertise on that subject. But with the launch of her online platform Oui! Magazine it became obvious she knows exactly how to appreciate all the little pleasures in life.

Feeling comfy is more important than impressing the mailman.

“Whenever I get home from work or from a meeting and when I don’t need to leave the house anymore, I like to get into ‘comfy mode’ as soon as possible. The bathroom is the first place I go: to remove my makeup, cleanse my skin and pamper it with nourishing creams. When the makeup’s off, my hair goes up in a messy topknot, and I change my work outfit into comfortable loungewear. And yes, even when I get home early, it’s always the first thing I do! I might get a strange look from the mailman when he passes by to deliver a package, but what’s one minute of uncomfortableness compared to that long stretch of ultimate cosiness?”

When ready to escape, look to nature or your bath tub.

“My best tip to relax and de-stress? Lose yourself in nature once in a while – it does wonders for your physical and mental health. There’s scientific proof that nature helps to lower your stress levels and I couldn’t agree more from personal experience. That’s why I’m so happy to live in the middle of the Flemish fields, and swap the loud and busy city for our quiet home. It’s the best way to break free of work-related worries. I just don’t get a chance to feel tense; home is my happy place.

Taking a long and really hot bath also works wonders. It might not be great for your skin, but it really relaxes your muscles. When we bought our house, we renovated the bathroom from scratch and it turned into a wonderful and peaceful white place with touches of marble. It bathes in light and has lots of cabinets to hide all my bath and body products – a must to obtain that zen vibe. Whenever I take a bath, I love to take the time to prepare for it. Because I love and believe in aroma therapy, I spray a little Aveda Chakra mist through the room, fill the bathtub, pour in some bath salts (my favourites are Himalayan Detox Salts by Therapie or one of Susanne Kaufmann’s), put my smartphone on airplane mode and get the book I’m currently reading. When that’s done, I’m ready to go in and don’t get out before the water turns cold and I’m completely wrinkly.”

The perks of beauty blogging

“I’ve been blogging about beauty for 11 years now, and recently transformed my original ‘It Girl’ blog into ‘Oui! Magazine!’ to shift my focus from beauty to everything that inspires me. However, beauty still plays a big part in my life and as such on my blog. Because I’ve had the opportunity to test so many products during all those years, my skin has no secrets to me anymore – I perfectly know what it needs. My daily beauty ritual is a bit boring as I always do the same things, but I rotate between products; I’m not a loyal brand user. Although I wouldn’t change the Aveda and Susanne Kaufmann products I mentioned before so soon!”

Daily Rituals of Kim Wuyckens