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Daily rituals of Laura Willems

Working from your own home is an amazing thing, but it does come with its own challenges and compromises. It’s great to be able to sleep a little longer, work from your sofa and catch up on emails in your favourite coffee bar around the corner, but it’s also hard to completely switch of your work mode at night (there’s always something to do…), not have any direct social contact with colleagues and restrain yourself from doing the dishes and folding the laundry when you’re supposed to sit behind your desk at the same time.

Roomin’s coordinator and community marketeer Laura Willems is one of the lucky gals to work from her own home - which, in her case, is located in the city center of Brussels. Although she wouldn’t have it any other way, a strict morning ritual helps to start the day right and get her in a focused work mode. (“A must when you have your bed and office set up in the same room”, she laughs.)

Rise and shine 

“My ideal morning starts with 8 hours of sleep, but as I’m terrible at going to bed on time, I mostly sleep a bit less. After hitting the snooze button for at least 3 times – who are those superhuman people who get out of bed as soon as their alarm goes off? – I immediately head to the shower. It’s the only thing that makes me feel awake… next to coffee, of course! I wash my hair every three days. I’ve always been blonde, but when it started to turn darker during my teens I subsequently started to ask for highlights at the hairdresser. I don’t think I’ll ever have it any other way; I look stern with dark blonde hair (tried, tested and failed miserably; I recoloured it two weeks after the experiment). I’ll always use the Redken Blonde Idol shampoo, and occasionally the Blonde Idol custom-tone treatment, too. It’s great to even out the yellow tones; my hair always appears brighter afterwards. As I’ve dealt with eczema my entire life, I won’t use any drugstore shower gels, but switch between products I buy at the pharmacy – La Roche-Posay is my go-to brand – or the bio shop instead. I'll cover myself with a multipurpose dry oil from Belgian skincare brand Cîme right after I get out of the shower - I love to apply it when my skin is still moist.”


“I’d love to say I’m low-maintenance when it comes to make-up, but when I look at all the products displayed on my Duravit bathroom sink, I have to admit I’m not. I’ve become very efficient in applying my make-up, though, so it only takes me 5 to 10 minutes to ‘get my face on’. I’ll use a bit of Clarins’ Skin Illusion in beige to cover the bags under my eyes and dab some eye shadow primer from Too Faced on my eyelids. Then, I’ll shape my brows with an eyebrow pencil from & Other Stories (the shade is called Worcester Taupe and is perfect for blondes) and highlight my cheekbones with ‘Lightscapade’ from MAC Cosmetics. Sometimes, I’ll use my fingertips, but whenever I use a brush it’ll be one from Real Techniques. I used to wear a lot of dark eye shadow, but those dark days are over – luckily. Right now, I use two very natural shades of the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette: ‘Commando’ on my lids and ‘Tempted’ in the crease. I’ll underline my eyes subtly with Kiko’s smart eye colour pencil, number 14 to be exact. I have very short, straight and light-coloured eyelashes so no make-up look is finished without my Surratt eyelash curler (which I bought in New York after Alice Gao recommened it) and Lancôme’s Hypnôse mascara in black. Whenever I feel like it, I’ll apply a bit of blusher (Canvas Taupe from & Other Stories is my current favourite) and spritz some ‘Le Gardin sur le Toit’ from Hermès behind my ears. Not-so-low-maintenance indeed – especially when you don’t necessarily see another human besides your brother or boyfriend that day – but I always feel better (and look better, let’s be honest) when I have some make-up on.


“I’m eating vegan for 5 weeks now, and haven’t regret it a single second. I know; 5 weeks isn’t the same as 5 months or 5 years, but it’s a start and I finally feel ready to commit to something so life-changing. A few weeks ago, all the pieces of the puzzle just clicked and I changed my diet overnight. I’ve always been a bit messy and chaotic, but this lifestyle demands organization – which also benefits other aspects in my life. A healthy breakfast is an inevitable part of the vegan lifestyle, but I’ve been enjoying the joys of a fruit-based breakfast for a few years now. Ever since I realized my headaches in high school weren’t caused by fatigue but by eating badly; I always start the day with porridge or yoghurt with lots of fruit. Right now, I changed the dairy for a soy-based alternative, but the fruits have stayed! Ocassionaly, I'll take a supplement of magnesium. My mom says it's helps with anxiety, fatigue and sleep deprivation, and when moms says something, you believe it - right? By the time I finish my bowl of energy – which is around 9 o’clock –  I’m ready to open my laptop and get some work done. I might not have a real office to go to; this morning routine makes me feel like I do, and therefore contributes to my level of productivity.”