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Daily rituals of Nanja Massy

Nanja Massy initially graduated as an art and history teacher, but decided to make her childhood dream come true: becoming a beauty expert. While she didn’t receive an official education, Nanja learned everything while doing, and launched her own beauty studio ‘Massy Creations’ to share her love for hair styling and make-up with other interested ladies. It was only after her studio was up and running, she decided to get a degree at the beauty school in Antwerp. Not to learn the basics, but to sharpen her skills. A girl with a mission!

After numerous jobs as a make-up artist for photo shoots, editorials and commercials; being Belmodo’s in-house beauty expert for two years and launching her own book ‘Do it yourself beauty’, Nanja decided the time was there to launch her own magazine, in which she collaborates with people who are as passionate about beauty as herself. Massy Magazine was a logic step in her career: it’s an attainable but innovative online beauty magazine of high-quality, with herself as the creative director. A 100% Nanja Massy magazine.

How did your passion for all-things-beauty ever started?

“I’ve been interested in beauty ever since I was little. I used to braid the hair of my sister and girlfriends, or acquaintances asked me to do their hair and make-up for a party… That’s when I launched MassyCreations, purely out of interest and passion. I never received any training up until then. I managed to run my business intuitively until then, but did follow an official training a few years after because I wanted to sharpen my skills and have an official degree.”

2017 has been a fantastic year for you, no? What are the highlights so far? And what’s cooking for 2018?

“Why thank you! The highlights were undoubtedly celebrating my two years as in-house beauty expert of Belmodo, and launching my own book and magazine. I also love to create content for Contour, the YouTube-channel of Medialaan. I enjoy inspiring people with tips and tricks to show that doing your own hair or make-up doesn’t have to be a tricky thing.”

Do you take enough time for yourself? What helps you to de-stress and relax? Do you have any advice for people on how to cope with it?

“Balance is everything. I try to make a clear distinction between work and play. That’s not always an easy thing to do, as these things often overlap. When I’m at home with my fiancé, family or friends, I try to not look at my cellphone and just enjoy the moment. Whether that’s making dinner together or ‘Netflix and chill’. I also try to exercise about two times a week. Not necessarily to tone my body; more to clear my head. Another thing that helps, is spending your weekend elsewhere. A long holiday is always fun, but even a weekend in nature can help to see things straight again! I also love to go to the wellness. It’s not allowed to bring your cellphone in there, which is great to ‘let it all go’ and not think about my job for a moment. Which is necessary, when you have a job like mind. I do love my job though. It’s not a 9-to-5, but I’m blessed to do something I’m passionate about.”

What are your favourite products (that help you to relax?)

“I like a good bath oil for some aromatherapy while I’m soaking in my tub. A hydrating mask can also do wonders. And in the living room, I like a good ole’ scented candle to make me feel relaxed.”

What are your favourite bathroom rituals?

“I never leave the house without cleansing my skin completely, preferably with micellar water, which does the job easy and quick. Afterwards, I use a cleanser and toner, a nutritive serum and a hydrating day cream, with SPF. Even if it’s cold and grey outside – the sun damages your skin even when you can’t see it. I always try to cover myself in a rich body cream for a skin that feels like silk. I’ll never go to bed without removing my makeup completely. I slap on some nutritive oil so my skin can soak it up all night. It’s the perfect base when I apply my makeup the next morning.”

What do you enjoy most? A long hot bath surrounded by candles, or a refreshing shower?

My morning rituals can’t take too much time, which is why I’ll always quickly jump in the shower during the week. It’s often a race against time to arrive on my first meeting in time. We just moved houses, and I’m so happy to finally have a bath. Taking a bath used to be one of the highlights of sleeping in a hotel room, but as we now have a bath tub in our own house, I like to recreate the same hotel room- atmosphere. Some ambient music, scented candles and my favourite bath products – lovely.”

What do you find important in a bathroom? And how does it contribute to experiencing your daily rituals

“For a beauty blogger, a bathroom is the place where I can go 'total loss'. I like my bathroom to be squeaky clean. All my beauty products should be stored away in cabinets and shelves. It helps to be organized; I can’t afford losing time searching for stuff. I’m a neat beauty geek! (laughs) Some greenery does wonders for the overall zen vibe in a bathroom; I like a tropical plant or a beautiful vase with fresh flowers. To me, the bathroom is equally important as the living room! I also like lots of natural light streaming in. Exactly like Duravit's Luv bathroom pictured above!"

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Words by Kim Wuyckens.
Photography by Charis Boel.
Interior inspiration by LEON°16.