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Eline Reynders' night time rituals

When Eline Reynders agreed to share a few of her daily rituals with us, we were over the moon. While we need several cups of coffee and lots of snoozing before we feel somewhat awake, this Millennial combines a fulltime job with a successful blog and an influential Instagramaccount. Additionally, she also amazes us with her positive mindset and contagious energy; so we were incredibly curious about her secrets behind all this. We guessed she might be Sleeping Beauty's little sis - who needs a minimum of 8 hours of sleep - but it's actually the opposite... Please, Eline, will you explain us how?!

"When the sweet people of Roomin asked me about my favorite morning or night time rituals, I immediately knew the answer. Before revealing you everything about these rituals, allow me to highlight a tiny bit of the person I am..."

"Out of every 100 people who believe they only need five or six hours of sleep a night, only about 5 people really do.”

"I recently read this particular sentence in a random column on the worldwide web. I guess I'm one of the five people the professor is talking about. Or am I one of the believers? It will remain a mystery forever and ever. Now — all kidding aside — I really don't sleep a lot. It's not that I don't want to nap for more than 6 hours straight, I guess my energy level is just slightly too high. Going to bed after midnight and waking up at six with a busy day ahead is no exception. And I will be smiling happily ever after. That’s exactly why I don’t have any exciting morning rituals, yet a whole lot of evening routines..."

"The living room, in the heart of our apartment, is where my best evening rituals take place. It’s the room where I feel most at ease. One of my all time favorite rituals? When the clock hits nine in the evening, I like to dim the big lights and turn on our SLV table lamp that creates the ultimate atmospheric setting. Sometimes I even light perfumed candles to really cosy it up.

Another night time ritual of mine is taking decent care of my skin and enjoying a well deserved mask while blogging or reading a magazine. Besides, my boyfriend never closes the curtains of the living room so that we can see the magnificent Hasselt skyline from our couch. The view makes my heart skip a beat. Every single time. All in all: it's the perfect way to end my day and take off to dreamland. For 6 full hours, that is."

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Photography by Eline Reynders, founder of Eline Rey.