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Happy Friendsgiving

Our neighbours across the Atlantic Ocean are celebrating Thanksgiving today. As we don’t like to copy the tradition of someone else (Halloween doesn’t have any meaning besides being commercial, right?), but do like the aspect of ‘giving thanks’ and inviting a bunch of people you love into your home, we’d like to encourage you to host your own kind of Thanksgiving: Friendsgiving! Here are a few tips on how to dress your table and other tricks to make sure the evening runs smooth…

Hosting Friendsgiving doesn’t mean you’ve got to spend hours and hours in the kitchen. The most important part of Thanksgiving is the togetherness, not the homemade food. But getting takeaway or buying pre-prepared tapas from the supermarket doesn’t mean it you can’t make it classy. “Ditch the packaging,” says Kim, “and put the food on a few beautiful plates, you’ll be amazed how ‘homemade’ it looks.” Stephanie agrees: “To make up for my lack of cooking skills, I always try to make these simple additions look as beautiful as possible. That's why I put sparkling water in a jug with some slices of lime: so simple but it looks so festive!”

A simple trick to add that extra ‘something something’ to your table, is to add a bit of greenery and invest in timeless ‘household essentials’, like a cotton table runner, soft napkins, beautiful cutlery and sophisticated candle holders. “When the table is too pretty to cover up with a table cloth, but you still want to prevent any spills leading to – the horror – stains; try using table runners instead,” says Laura, “by placing them vertically instead of horizontally, the overall styling looks so sophisticated. I’m always amazed by how a few minor twists and tweaks can have such a grand effect!”

“Our biggest tip? Be prepared!” say Chloé and Sara, “Make sure everything is 'as ready as can be' before your guests arrive. You'll probably want to keep a few things for the last minute - like the appetizers for example; to keep them as fresh as possible - and that okay, as long as you already chop, cut, blend, stir or peel everything you need to immediately make the dish when everyone's there. Believe us: you'll gain precious time and be so much more relaxed as well!”

Happy Friendsgiving y'all!