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Isabel Delanghe's night time rituals

Isabel Delanghe ticks a lot of boxes. She’s a woman, wife, teacher, avid blogger, Instagram influencer (you might know her as @isabel_mjj) and most importantly: mother of Jules and Jeanne, two incredibly cute kids. As a fulltime working mother of two, daily life can sometimes feel like a high-speed express train, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She has, however, some tricks to cope with all the expectations and responsibilities that come with family life, and one of it is reserving a well-deserved moment for herself before bedtime… 

“Our bedroom is probably my favourite room in the house, and not only because I love to sleep. I wanted it to be a safe haven; a place where I could read a book, feel at ease and relax completely. I think I managed to create exactly that, by opting for soft colours, linen sheets and this beautiful night light from SLV. It’s strange how all those little details can turn the whole atmosphere around, but they really make all the difference. If I don’t take enough time for my night time rituals, I have trouble sleeping, so those moments before I doze off are sacred! I usually start with cleaning and moisturizing my face – once you’re 30, you gotta take care of things, right? –, change into my PJ’s from Pluto On the Moon and jump into bed to read a few pages of the novel I’m currently reading (I love anything historical or philosophical!) I always keep hand lotion and oil of Aesop within reach; it’s my favourite beauty brand and all their products smell divine! With the risk of making you think I’m a grannie: I like to iron my sheets with starch. I just can’t help but but love the feeling of ‘cracking’ sheets, even if that only happens one night! See: modern mommies can be old-fashioned too, you know."

As seen in the pictures:
Night light: SLV
Shelving unit: Hoeked
Sheets: Numero74 and LUIZ Homecollection

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Photography and storytelling by Isabel Delanghe, co-owner of MWordMag and founder of Visual Stories By Isabel.