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Me Time on Mallorca

Friends of ours have once said: "Once you have kids, you don't go on vacation, you travel." While we do enjoy spending quality time with each other and our daughter, it's important to me that vacations always include a little bit of me time as well. It helps reload my batteries for life after the holiday, but it also makes me a more fun wife, mom and person to be around.

Creating some time to take care of yourself in this way, requires a little bit of planning ahead and a little bit of cooperation from your surroundings. But it shouldn't be too difficult to convince your loved ones - especially if you promise to return the favor to them. This Spring, we decided to take a family holiday with my parents on Mallorca. We rented a beautiful house together, and besides being able to spend many wonderful moments with them, it also meant my husband and I didn't have to be 100% full-on parents all the time. Whenever Juliet was bonding with her grandparents, we could take a quick little nap in the sun or read another chapter from our book.

We love to rent houses wherever we go on holidays, because it allows us to really feel 'at home' during our holiday. I like to look for properties that have all the comforts from our own home, but better or more beautiful. Admittedly the first pictures I look at while deciding, are those of the bathroom. During the year I have a pretty short morning routine and am fairly low-maintenance - but during vacations I like to take a little more time for hot showers or relaxing baths, to apply hair and facial masks, and to generally primp and groom myself. It feels so good to not have to rush, and to wind down in beautiful surroundings.

Our bathroom on Mallorca was so picture perfect, I snuck up there at least twice or three times a day to enjoy it. I even shared some mother-daughter bonding moments with Juliet there. She likes playing with my things - she probably is Belgian hair brush brand Delphin & Emerence's youngest fan - and she loves mimicking my rituals of applying creams and body lotions.

My husband likes to laugh at the size of the toiletry bags I like to take with me on trips, but I love the luxurious feeling of having all my favourite products at my disposal. Lately I have been trying out new products from Kiehl's, adding them to my collection of staples and classics. I highly recommend their Super Multi-Corrective Cream - it smells heavenly and the version with built-in SPF 30 helps you prevent any sun damage during your holiday.

Besides my arsenal of Kiehl's goodies, I also brought along my favourite essential oils from Phytosun, and my Easyplug travel diffuser. I liked to diffuse a bit of lemon in the mornings (handy to keep away insects while the windows are opened to air out the room, too) and lavender in the evenings to sleep better.

The bathroom is so beautiful - believe me when I say my pictures don't do it justice. Lots of natural light streams in all through the day, the natural stone is the perfect shade of nude and the bath and sink were both really beautiful designs from Duravit. I spent so much time there, I can probably draw it from memory - which is a good thing because if we ever build our dream home, I'm sure I'll want to include a gorgeous and peaceful place just like this one.

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Photography by Stephanie Duval and Matthias Rabaey.